Saturday, October 15, 2011


A Return to Bass-ics. It's a pun. Not a fish pun, and not even an orchestral pun. Lord forbid a Nicki Minaj pun. Rather, it is a vocal pun.

The voice type of bass is my personal favorite. No doubt because it is the type that belongs to me. Traditionally, the bass voice covers all notes from the second E below middle C to the E above middle C. That about encompasses my good range, and depending on the will of God on a particular day, I may be able to sing higher or lower than that range. But essentially, that is the range.

But, why, you might ask, am I devoting an entire blog to my voice type? Well, the name of the blog is a bit of a misnomer, because I just out of nowhere had the idea for the delightful bass pun and couldn't help myself from using it. The focus of this blog will be on a much broader-- albeit still vocally relevant-- topic: opera.

Yes, opera. Not Oprah. That's a different thing. Opera: the original musical theater in which all (or most) text is sung rather than spoken. A classical art form that, to this day, survives and agelessly entertains. I myself am hoping to have a career in opera one day. Perhaps if I'm famous this blog will serve as a sort of time capsule for me to look back upon. Also, please keep in mind that this is not my only blog. The more general trivialities of my life can be found at my other blog, which is a bucket of joy in itself. However, this is the blog where I hope to detail the intricacies of my career from its conception.

Yes, my musical career is at this moment, at its conception. If you thought this blog was about me being pregnant, then I'm sorry if you're disappointed. On the other side, I'm glad if you're relieved. I have some minimal training, but I am still young and, to be honest, fairly clueless about what I'm working with right now. But that's to be expected, since I'm but a humble freshman in college. A college filled with upperclassmen and graduate students who are bounds ahead of me in technique and tradition.

But you have to start somewhere, right?

Well, here we go.